WALLIS, Texas The FBI was widening its net to try to catch a fugitive from Oklahoma Tuesday.

Charles Dyer, 31, is considered armed and dangerous, and investigators believe he s in Texas.

Officials are putting electronic billboards about Dyer up around the state in a bid to get information on his whereabouts.

Dyer was scheduled to stand trial last week in Oklahoma on allegations that he raped a 6-year-old girl.

But authorities found his home burned on August 12, and he never showed up in court the following Monday.

Investigators believe Dyer a former Marine is carrying numerous weapons with him, and said he may have altered his appearance.

There were two sightings in Fort Bend County Monday of a man fitting Dyer s description, so there was still an active search there on Tuesday.

In one incident, witnesses saidaman who looked likeDyer approached a business on Highway 36, saying his car had broken down and he needed a ride.

Greg Hattan said his brother recognized Dyer from news reports, and they were trying to hold him until they could call the police.

But they said Dyer got suspicious.

We had him right to that point, but he took off running and he ran across the tracks, went to my neighbor s house and asked him for a ride, said Greg Hattan.

That neighbor, Richard McLemore, said a shirtless man walked into his garden Monday afternoon.

He just walked up to me. He offered me $300 to take him to Houston, he was hitchhiking I thought he was, McLemore said. I told him no.

McLemore offered to drive the man to Orchard,but Hattan pulled into his yard, blocking them in.

My neighbors whipped in and told me who he was and he took off, McLemore said.

Over the weekend, Stephen F. Austin State Park in San Felipe was evacuated as officials searched for the fugitive.

Authorities said Dyer belongs to a militia group called Oath Seekers and posts videos on YouTube under the name July4Patriot.

Last year,he was charged with unlawfully possessing a grenade launcher.

Anyone with information regarding Dyer s whereabouts is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency or 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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