CONROE, Texas A police officer who was shot after he responded to a call for help on Saturday said he realized shortly after he arrived at Flowers Bakery that the situation wouldn t end well after he confronted a man with a shotgun.

I was scared to death, said James Kelemen, a six-year veteran of the Conroe Police Department. Nothing prepares you for that type of scene.

Kelemen answered the call for help after police said a bakery employee reported being threatened by James Richard Hill of Liberty County.

The dashboard camera in Kelemen s police car recorded his arrival on the scene and the exchange of gunfire.

Kelemen is heard telling a dispatcher to tell bakery employees to get away from the windows.

He is also heard telling Hill to drop the gun.

We can talk about it, but put it down, Kelemen told Hill. Just put the gun down, man.

Hill shot Kelemen twice, two minutes afterthe officerarrived on the scene.

Officers returned fire and killed Hill.

I remember hearing the shot, Kelemen said on Thursday. I remember feeling the percussion. I didn't feel any pain. I knew I was hit.

Several Conroe police officers rushed to Kelemen s aid.

Kelemen said to one, Tell my wife and kids I love them.

Kelemen was able to call his wife and tell her about the shooting before being transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital Texas Medical Center by air ambulance.

Honey, I ve been shot, he is heard saying. I love you, OK?

On Thursday, Kelemen said he didn t think he was going to make it.

You know, I had the will to live, he said. But there was a lot of blood and so I wanted to make sure I got that out before anything happened.

Kelemen, who called himself a jokester, said he was surprised his wife took him seriously.

I've already got a little eyeball in a glass [that] a cousin gave me that in the hospital, he said. I play golf. I hunt. You know, I shoot a lot. And most of those things I think I can do with my left eye.

Doctors at Memorial Hermann were not able to save his right eye.

Kelemen said he expected doctors to fit him with a prosthetic eye sometime next month.

He said he hoped to return to work soon after.

I can't say enough how glad I am to be here, he said.

Kelemen said the real heroes were the officers who rushed to his side on Saturday.

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