HOUSTON A road rage case that started with two women shouting and cursing at each other ended with gunfire in southwest Houston Tuesday afternoon, police said.

When it was over, one woman was dead and the other had fled the scene.

Chris Fruge wasn t surprised to hear that his neighbor was arrested a short time later at the Ashford Creek apartments, a few blocks from the shooting scene.

Fruge said he had a run-in with the same woman a week earlier.

I m 6 2 and 240 pounds. She didn t have no problems getting in my face and telling me what she can do, Fruge said. The lady goes off and just starts cussing me out. She gonna harm me and take care of me because I was looking her way, being curious.

Fruge said the woman s boyfriend then stepped in. He opened up his car door, grabbed the gun out of the car, stood back, cocked it and said, I m not going to play with you.

Fruge filed a police report.

As soon as she got arrested for the incident last night, the apartments called us and detectives let us know what s going on, Fruge said. It didn t surprise me. It didn t surprise me at all.

The woman told police the other driver threatened her with a knife and that s why she shot her, according to investigators. They found a knife at the scene.

Authorities aren t releasing either woman s name because they re concerned about possible retaliation on both sides.

The case was referred to a grand jury.

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