HOUSTON There are more shocking developments surrounding a teacher who was caught on video beating a student at Jamie s House charter school in north Harris County.

Sherri Lynn Davis attacked 13-year-old Isaiah Reagins in front of a classroom.That beating was captured on cell phone video by a fellow student and was recently released to the media.Investigators said it is not the first time the teacher has been in trouble.She was recently charged with criminal mischief for slashing someone s car tires.

The student and his mother talked with sheriff s investigators about the case Thursday afternoon.

Well, I had a knot on my head and it was hurting, like, when I sit down, said13-year-old Isaiah Reagins as he talked about the injuries he sustained at the hands of his teacher. I didn t know she was gonna hit me for real. I just thought she was playing.

But Davis was not playing at all.

Isaiah has since stopped attending classes at Jamie s House charter school.

I just don t wanna see the teacher again. I will go to another school, just not that one, he said.

Isaiah s mother has now filed a lawsuit, suing the teacher and the school, over the beating.

It was horrifying just watching it. I can t even watch it now without crying or getting upset, said his mother, Alesha Johnson.

The attorneys representing the student s family allege the school initially tried to cover up the incident.

Davis has since been fired for beating up the student a loophole allowed her to teach in the first place.Davis does not have a teacher s certificate, but state law does not require one for certain charter school teachers.

Isaiah Reagin s mother has a message for other parents.

Check out the schools before you send them, because you never know what s gonna happen in the school.

The Texas Education Agency is now investigating the charter school.

A spokesperson for the school said they ve been very open about the case and took appropriate action at the appropriate time.Meanwhile, a number of investigations are under way and the teacher could possibly face criminal charges.
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