HOUSTON Flashing lights lit up Homestead Road in northeast Houston Friday night, offering the only light to see where a man was hit and killed while crossing the road in his motorized wheelchair just before midnight.

It s a very dark stretch of roadway, he would have been very difficult to see, said Sgt. S. Wolverton, of the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Deputies said three cars hit the man, but only the second one stopped.

I think that s real sorry for that person to hit somebody, another human being, and leave him lying dead, said neighbor Roy Maghe.

Investigators are working to find those drivers, while neighbors say they ll miss seeing the victim riding by in his wheelchair.

Drove his scooter to the store, real nice guy, spoke to him at the store a couple times, said Maghe.

Neighbors like Maghe have seen him cut across the road before, trying to make his way around.

Yes, I ve seen him to get around because there s no sidewalks. It d be nice if they had some sidewalks and it s dangerous, said Maghe. A lot of them speed through here and they race up and down, it s very dangerous. I m afraid somebody s going to come through the trailer one night.

In this case, to whoever hit a man and ran from the scene, Maghe has one simple message.

He said, They need to get on their knees and pray to God for forgiveness for what they did, because it was wrong.

Witnesses could not offer a good description of the first car that hit the man, but investigators say it should have some damage to the front end.

They re asking anyone with information to call the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

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