HOUSTON -- Residents living in fear outnumber the neon lights along Broadway Boulevard in southeast Houston.

I m terrified, said one woman.

We are under siege every day, another woman said.

The people speaking out live at the Broadway Square Apartments, a complex allegedly being tormented by a pair of twins.

They held a gun to my head and told me to give them my cell phone, said one resident describing an incident that occurred when she was on her way to the store. And I just threw the cell phone on the ground. They picked it up and ran.

She said the incident took place in broad daylight in the parking lot not far from the Houston police store front.

Another resident became a victim the very next morning. Maria Saavedra said the men pointed a gun, knocked her to the ground and beat her as her little girl stood nearby. They managed to steal her purse.

I m just afraid, said Saavedra. After 11 years, it s time to move out.

HPD confirms there have been 16 calls for service at these apartments since the first of the month for crimes like robberies and assaults.

Police don t yet have a good description of the suspects and so far, no one has been arrested.

Residents blame management for not doing more to keep them safe. No one at the leasing office would talk about the complaints. KHOU 11 News has not been able to reach anyone at the corporate office.

In the meantime, some residents continue to call out for help.

It s ridiculous, said one woman.

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