When you see the destruction, it's hard to imagine what once stood on a large lot in the tiny town of Pateros.

This was the main house double wide three bedroom.

For Justin and Kassia Crump what once stood here was home.

I pulled up and saw a big ole plume of smoke and flames. There was nothing I could save, recounted Justin Crump.

The firestorm that blew through town levelled it-- took everything. The kids' toys, the swingset, the bicycles, gone.

I cried. I really did. I tried not to but I did, Crump said.

The Crumps had already come to know this fire intimately. Both are volunteer firefighters. Justin had been working the fire and Kassia was at home when that call came to get out.

Second time again here we go, said Crump.

The second time, because just five years ago, Krump says they lost their home to an electrical fire. There's no words that really explain. Everything we saved the first time around burned this time.

But when you see what little is left-- it may seem more amazing how much is still here. Kassia is 8 and a half months pregnant.

Strong heartbeat and everything. And mama's doing good too so we're thankful, Crump said. He is thankful that everyone is ok. And just being here with the family and knowing everyone's safe you just gotta look forward and move on.

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