HOUSTON -- A woman was beaten up, bound and robbed in her own home in southeast Houston.

It happened around 8:45 Wednesday morning, at the corner of Wingtip Drive and Arrowhead. The attacker somehow got past a roughly 8-foot-high fence running all the way around the home.

The victim s daughter told KHOU 11 News that she is back home and doing OK. But it was a terrifying morning.

Houston police said a 51-year-old woman had gone for a swim behind the house. As she was headed back inside, an armed man came out of the garage, wearing a ski mask.

Police said he forced her inside the home, demanded money and beat her up. Then he tied her up, grabbed some cash out of her purse and took off on foot. The woman was able to get free and get some help.

Neighbor Rebecca Leal told KHOU 11 News that she spoke with the victim, who told her the robber beat her in the face with a gun.

She started yelling for help, so he dragged her from the hair and dragged her inside the house, said Leal. Her face was really beat up and swollen. She s still shaken up about it and I m worried for her too, and now I m worried for our kids too.

The family is scared and without a good suspect description.

Houston police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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