LOS ANGELES -- Two men are being called heroes after rescuing a teenager from treacherous surf off the Palos Verdes coast over the weekend.

The ordeal, which was captured on camera, began after a trip to the coast to observe sea life took a dramatic turn. The teenager, who wished to remain anonymous, jumped into the water at a popular yet dangerous spot along the coast and quickly found himself struggling against powerful surf.

One of the party members, Gary Golding, is an experienced swimmer and attempted to reach the teen in the water at Sacred Cove off the peninsula. Golding, however, similarly found himself overwhelmed by rough seas.

I get swept in from a wave, Golding said. Now I m fighting for my life, and it was just like a big washing machine.

The woman behind the camera, Hillary Swanson, caught the footage on a Go-Pro camera attached to her chest. She kept her eyes, meanwhile, on the victims throughout the event.

I was really scared, Swanson said. I thought he had so much seawater in him that he was dead.

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