HOUSTON -- Lychelle Hadley and her classmate Arabia Johnson headed back to their UH dorm Monday evening, consumed by a mystery just across the street.

Who would you sneak into a stadium that s being built, said Hadley.

I don t understand why d she d be there in the middle of the night, said Johnson.

What happened occurred inside the University of Houston s new football stadium. Construction workers discovered a woman s body on the ground beneath the scoreboard. UH police said she's a student and they believed she fell to her death. It wasn t clear how she managed to get into the seemingly secure work site, though some students said it wouldn t be too hard.

It doesn t really seem heavily guarded or anything, said Jose Garcia. I guess they see it as common sense that people wouldn t go in there.

Security guards told KHOU 11 News that they were unaware of any prior incidents of people sneaking onto the property.

But a couple of other students we spoke with said students have been getting in, hanging out, and one of them said drinking alcohol.

Campus police said they do not suspect foul play in the young woman's death.

Some students were just hoping to get answers.

Why would you do it, asked Johnson. That s what I really want to know.

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