HOUSTON If you ve noticed some unusual or unwanted creatures inside your home or close to it, you re not alone.

And it likely has a lot to do with what Mother Nature has left behind over the last two days.

Out of hiding and out in the middle of Saums Road, 4-foot rat snake was one of many critters that came out of the woodwork following steady rainfall and standing water across Southeast Texas.

Anything that is nesting close to the house is going to be driven in, because of the moisture. Mice are going to be driven in which could lead to snakes following the mice, Jason Wheeler, owner of Ace Pest Control, said.

And it s not limited to just that a viewer from Baytown sent in a photo of a small alligator that her cat spotted in the garage.

Up in Onalaska, 63-year-old Annette Williams went on the offensive when she uncovered what she believes is a venomous coral snake hiding under a bag of dog food.

I went to the kitchen drawer and got out two very big butcher knives and I took one and secured the body and the other one I cut its head off, Williams said.

I believe that this weather is just making all the animals act different, she said.

Experts said to expect more critter sightings in the days and weeks ahead as more frequent rain and moisture pushes animals out of their homes and searching for higher ground.

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