HOUSTON Halfway around the world, they gather peacefully on the side of the road holding signs, asking for your attention.

I think to just get behind it and do whatever you can to support the movement, said Christine Clay, a protester.

The movement is to bring home the more than 200 Nigerian girls, who were kidnapped by an Islamist terrorist group, in the middle of the night from their dormitories.

I think it s devastating. I mean terrorism, of course as U.S. Americans we do not support in any form or fashion, said Janice Beal, a protester.

Saturday, the first lady addressed the nation about U.S involvement.

Barack has directed our government to do everything possible to support the Nigerian government to find these girls and bring them home, said first lady Michelle Obama.

Protesters stressed how everyone in the world can relate to what s happening in Nigeria.

I think everyone has a son or daughter. Everyone has a niece. Everyone has a child in their life that they love, said Clay.

The group hopes they will shine a spotlight on the Nigerian government and inspire others to take action.

They can t sweep this one under the rug. That people are watching. That the governments around the world are judging. I think they don t want to look bad. said Clay. We want everyone to call their representatives. Email them. Let them know that they don t think it s OK and they want some help sent to these girls.

Many of the protesters hope that America will continue to support the Nigerian government because, if and when the girls are rescued, the work will continue.

Just to raise awareness for what s to come because when those girls actually get rescued, there s gonna be a lot of things those girls will need, said Lola Ladejobi, a protester.

A group called the Bring Back the Girls Project will gather on May 16 in downtown Houston at 5 p.m. to march and protest.

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