DALLAS Wilmer-Hutchins High School basketball player Troy Causey was beaten to death during a street fight in a southern Dallas neighborhood in March.

Now more than a month later Dallas police have arrested another basketball player from a rival high school and have charged him with murder.

The victim's mother says while she's happy an arrest has been made, she believes at least one other student and even some adults also need to be held accountable for the death of her son.

Dallas police arrested 19-year-old Johnathan Turner at James Madison High School Monday and charged him with the murder of his basketball rival, Troy Causey.

Police said Causey and Turner began arguing over a video game and began fighting in the 6300 block of Cinnamon Drive on March 23. Witnesses originally reported that as Causey and Turner were fighting, a punch dropped Causey to the pavement, where he struck his head and later died.

But according to police, witness statements began to conflict with Causey s observed injuries, and on Monday, Turner was arrested.

Causey's mother, Tammy Simpson, said she knew from the beginning that the individuals involved were hiding the truth.

From the story they were telling, it was too rehearsed... it was too incomplete, Simpson said. They were leaving out key details, and from what they were telling and what I know, there were two separate stories.

Turner is a rival basketball player of Causey's, playing at Madison High School, where he was a star player on two consecutive state championship teams the past two years. A video posted on YouTube shows the two players facing off at a game on January 18.

Simpson said she believes other adults who lived in the home where the fight started and neighborhood witnesses played a role in her son's death, and that several adults should ultimately be charged with covering up her son's murder.

I want complete justice for everyone involved in the murder and the coverup of Troy Causey s murder, Simpson said. From the adults to anyone else involved who knows what happened and didn't tell the truth.

Simpson believes at least one other teenager was involved in the fight and will also be charged with murder. She also feels the adult witnesses should have called for help sooner, and that her son should still be alive.

Detectives continue to investigate. They are asking that anyone with additional details about the crime call the Homicide Division at 214-671-3661.

WFAA reporter Tanya Eiserer and editor Marjorie Owens contributed to this story

Wilmer Hutchins HS student TroyCausey (#30) vs. Dallas Madison 1/18/14

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