HOUSTON It s a beer that causes enthusiasts to line up outside liquor stores as early as 3 a.m. just to ensure they get taste of some limited-edition beer from the Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

It s the 14 batch in the company s Divine Reserve series and it s the first to come out in more than a year. This batch is a Belgian strong golden ale with 10 percent alcohol.

On Twitter, #DR14 was trending Monday, as folks tried to find stores that still had the beer in stock. The limit at Spec s is two six-packs and two large bottles per customer.

It s an event, said John Tribo, who came to the Spec s with his daughter to stock up.

The excitement about Divine with me is [that] it s something new, it s something different, he said.

The Divine Reserve series launched in 2005.

Joey Williams, the manager of the beer department at Spec s, said a new release always brings big crowds some more than others.

Williams said American beers, like double stouts and double IPAs, tend to sell out faster than Belgians. But he said this batch is still very popular and will likely sell out by Monday evening.

It s 10 percent alcohol, [but] it s going to drink like a beer half that size, said Williams. Belgians are experts in finesse. It s a very European approach, so it s very subtle.

He said DR14 is best enjoyed with some food.

Like a white wine, with some chill to it, but not so cold that you can t taste anything, he said.

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