HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- Two teenagers are in custody Tuesday accused of breaking into houses in the Ponderosa neighborhood. One of them lives right here in the neighborhood.

You d think people would know that speeding will get you in trouble every time.

In this case, obviously he brought attention to himself, says Lt. Stan Jolley of the Precinct Four Harris County Constables office.

That is especially true if you've got something to hide, like police say these two 18-year-old suspects do.

Constables were in the Ponderosa area after two reports of break-ins when one of the deputies saw a car going way too fast.

First came the traffic stop and then the evidence, plenty of it, including items stolen from the two homes that were broken into earlier in the day, but that's not all that was found.

We also found packages that were stolen off of people's front doors that was left by the UPS man, Lt. Jolley added.

Several of those packages were photographed by investigators for the District Attorney, but picked up by the rightful owners.

A different sort of delivery than the computer Neil Friday expected, Up until now I have been comfortable where I live. It just has me wondering now. It is not a good feeling.

Worse feelings for John Frost whose home was broken into, Driving down here I was just thinking how violated I was. Just glad they caught them. They did not get everything they could have gotten.

Plenty taken including watches, computers, even the coin collection box he's had for decades. All that returned to him.

The suspects may not be getting the goods, but they are definitely getting one thing, plenty of trouble.

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