HARRIS COUNTY An off-duty deputy shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked him Friday morning, according to the Precinct 4 Constable s Office.

The Precinct 4 deputy saw two pit bulls come into his unfenced backyard on Rolling Glen near Tomball.

He walked outside and said the dogs charged at him. The deputy said one of the pit bulls began to jump on him and then bit him.

When the dog bit him, it broke the skin possibly may have broken his hand as well, said Lt. Wayne Schultz with Precinct 4. He discharged his weapon attempting to save his life.

The other dog ran away.

The dog s owner later told deputiesit bit him earlier in the day.

He was out looking for the dog because the dog did leave the area, said Lt. Schultz. And he was actually trying to find the dog after the incident happened at his house.

Neighbor Elizabeth Burkett says she has seen the same dog wandering around the area. With the second pit bull still on the loose, she was keeping her dogs inside.

Burkett said even though she understands why the deputy shot the dog, she feels bad for its owner.

If my dog got out, he looks mean, but he s not. If someone shot my dog, I d be pretty upset, she said.

The deputy was treated at the scene for his injuries.

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