ST. PAUL, Minnesota -- There are new concerns over two eagles being cared for at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center.

The birds were brought in earlier this week after being injured during a territorial dispute in Shakopee.

Besides the wounds, Raptor Center officials said both tested positive for lead.

The clinic manager says they only see a few eagles a year hurt in territorial fights and most survive, but when it comes to birds with lead in their system, that's a different story.

I'd say 35 percent of the eagles we see, which comes to be 35 to 40 a year, have lead and so many of those are at such a high level of lead we can't save them, said clinic manager Lori Arent.

The center thinks the eagles probably fed on the remains of a deer that was shot with lead bullets.

They say copper bullets would be a safer choice.

As for the two eagles, the amount of time they spend at the center will depend on their progress.

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