HOUSTON Three pit bulls that broke free from their yard attacked a neighbor and a deputy in a north Harris County neighborhood Thursday morning, authorities said.

According to Harris County Sheriff s deputies, the dogs got away from their home and tried to attack a 27-year-old woman near JFK Blvd. and Aldine Bender, but she managed to get away uninjured.

Shelocked herself in her car, pulled out her cell phone and recorded the vicious animals snarling outside her window. The dogs left visible scratch marks on the vehicle as they scraped and scratched, trying to get inside.

They thenturned ona 50-year-old man who sitting on his porch. The dogs savagely attacked the man, biting him to the bone.

Look at that, look at that, Joe Eaglin said, pointing to bite marks on a stick. Them dogs did that. I was trying to save his life, they were dragging him all through the yard.

It did not end there. The dogs went after deputies who arrived to the scene, biting one of them in the hand. Another deputy opened fire, and killed one of the dogs.

My brother officers helped me out and I know they're going to be there for me, Deputy R. Rocamontes said.

Other arriving officers were ordered to remain in their cars until the dogs calmed down.

Animal Control took all three of the dogs into custody. The mauled victim was rushed to Kingwood Medical Center. His condition was not known.

Neighbors said they have been dealing with the dogs for years now and consider them to be a nuisance.

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