HOUSTON -- A driver was killed when he slammed into a pole along the North Freeway frontage road late Tuesday, police said.

The crash happened near W. Mount Houston around midnight, according to officers with the Houston Police Department.

Police said a Nissan Altima was traveling northbound when the driver struck the curb and knocked over a couple of signs. The vehicle then hit the concrete base of a pole at a high rate of speed.

The impact was so great, the vehicle spun around and landed on top of another car that was stopped at the red light. The woman in the car that was hit said homeless men helped rescue her from the wreckage following the accident.

I just heard something and all I heard was the car just trampled all over my car, Bianca Thomas said. The homeless guys on the corner, they got me out the car from the passenger side and I jumped out the car.

The driver in the Altima was pronounced dead at the scene. No other injuries were reported.

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