HOUSTON The craft beer business continues to boom and it is really thriving at the Fort Bend Brewing Company in Missouri City.

The 2-year-old brewery recently released a new brew: Grand reserve.

It s called a barley wine because the strength of it is similar to a wine, but barley is the main ingredient, said Carl Norberg, with the Fort Bend Brewing Company.

The barley wine has 11 percent alcohol compared to your typical craft beer at 5 percent.

The flavor profile is what Norberg, the head brewer, says is driving the rapidly expanding craft beer market.

The growth of craft beer is actually piggy-backing off the artisanal movement that you have, as far as food. Everyone seems to be seeking better flavors in a number of things, he said.

There are so many craft brewers now, compared to just two years ago, Norberg says he can t keep up, but he welcomes the competition.

There s a lot of room in the market. We re far from reaching a saturation point, he said.

They re confident that there s always more room in the fridge for another cold one.

Beer from Fort Bend Brewing Company can be found in over 100 restaurants, bars and stores.

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