SPRING, Texas -- Inside a home on Magic Oaks Drive in Spring, you'll find a tech-savvy lady named Lisa Stapp.

Well let's see, said Stapp. I got my master's degree. I studied theology. I designed a website.

What makes the 56-year-old extraordinary is she did all of that by using only her thumb and her voice.

On a good day I can almost move my fingers, said Stapp. At night, I dream of mountain climbing and skydiving.

Stapp has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). It's a disease that causes muscle weakness. She has always been in a wheelchair and the computer is like an extension of her.

Yeah, the computer is a great body part, Stapp said. It opens the window to the world that I might not have access to.

But that window closed this week when the computer she was using wore out.

The motherboard died, said Stapp. I must have worked it to death. I'm just so hard on my equipment.

She has resorted to an old laptop that barely understands her voice commands and her occupational therapist at Houston Methodist is trying to help.

Judi Joseph knows how important the computer is to Lisa.

The computer, in Lisa's words to me, is like a lifeline, said Joseph.

Not only is Lisa an inspiration to Joseph, but she is also writing a blog and a book about SMA to help others.

Everybody has stuff they don't like in their life, Stapp said. So you can either focus on that or make do with what you got and enjoy it.

Since doctors never expected Lisa to live past the age of two, she feels like teaching others about SMA is her calling. She just needs a new computer and some extra hardware to do it.

Please visit Stapp's blog to submit donations.

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