The Super Bowl is football's biggest game, but it's also a big day for food consumption in the United States.

In fact, it's the second-biggest pig-out day, right behind Thanksgiving.

Super Bowl Sunday is when most people splurge on their favorite football-watching snacks. But now, one health expert is helping us see the excercise equivalents for those consumed calories.

For instance, burning off the calories from a one-foot Italian sub sandwich would be equivalent to walking the Brooklyn Bridge more than 14 times, or 16 miles!

Suggestion: Skip the mayo and cheese to cut the calories in half.

Burning off just one Doritos chip is equal to dancing to one Bruno Mars song during halftime, which is about four minutes.

Instead, you could eat a few pistachio nuts or roasted almonds.

Click here for more calorie splurges and their exercise equivalents from Dr. Charles Platkin of Hunter College and

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