HOUSTON This week s mom and pop restaurant featured in our Neighborhood Eats segment is Romano s Pizza located on West Gray near Waugh Drive.

For 16 years the place has been on a roll. Two cousins from Italy opened the restaurant and now the next generation has joined the business.

When it s rocking and rolling it s incredible. When it s slow and they have things to pick at, it s not the place you want to be. Not if you re the son, cuz, you know, you get blamed for everything, said Frank Fragale, one of the owner s sons.

Before the clock strikes noon, the place is full with its regular lunch crowd. The pizza is what packs them in.

Their most popular pizza is the margarita. Some customers come so often, ordering the same thing, that they know the total before their order can be rung up.

The family behind Romano s came to Houston from southern Italy, then moved to Queens, New York.

When a friend in Houston said this city would be a land of opportunity if they came here to open an Italian restaurant, the family moved to Houston.

And much to the delight of their customers, they are here to stay.

Click here to visit Romano's online

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