SPRING, Texas -- At 1960 and Rolling Creek Drive, a unique form of discipline caught the eyes of motorists driving by Thursday evening.

Standing on the corner was a 12-year-old boy named Dylan who held aloft a sign that read, I was suspended from school for cussing out my teacher.

A close family friend offered an explanation for the display.

He cursed at a couple of his teachers on two separate occasions and was suspended from school today, said Rachel Macha. He wasn t raised to speak that way.

So Macha wrote the words on the sign and with the blessing of Dylan s mom, put the sign on the boy and made him stand at the intersection.

She said more conventional means of discipline had failed.

You try the different tactics, like grounding and taking things away, Macha said. This was something different.

It clearly had an impact on people passing by.

I think it s a good idea, said Barbara Perales. I think it could be good for children to see.

But her son, who also happened to be 12, had seen enough.

I think it s crazy, he said.

Macha hoped the exercise would help Dylan grow.

If you can stand up and talk like a man, you need to take your punishment like a man, Marcha said.

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