HOUSTON The Mall of the Mainland is shutting down.

The mall has been plagued by financial problems in recent years and a lot of stores have already moved out.

For years the problem at Mall of the Mainland has been the same too many vacancies.

I really don t come here that much. Once in a while I might come to Sears. That is about it, said Joe Hennington, a Texas City resident.

There is not much left to make the Mall of the Mainland the destination shopping spot that it was intended when it was opened in the early 90s.

Dillards and Macy s both used to anchor the mall and both are long gone. Even on its opening day the mall was only 80- percent leased. Now there are just a handful of stores.

All interior store leases will end Jan. 31 and the common areas of the mall will close to cut costs for the current owner and make the property more attractive for sale.

It has been on the market for months.

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