AUSTIN, Texas -- Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg has taken the stand in a civil trial to decide if she'll get to keep her job following a drunken driving arrest this year.

During the first day of testimony on Monday, various witnesses said Lehmberg was scowling, shouting and threatening corrections officers on the night of her April arrest. A psychiatrist who treated Lehmberg in rehab after her arrest said the district attorney showed an excellent prognosis for recovery.

On Tuesday a doctor who assessed Lehmberg after her arrest took the stand.

Dr. Herbert Mundun, an expert in addiction medicine and a recovering alcoholic, says he identifies success in alcohol recovery as not drinking and having quality of life. His assessment of Lehmberg is that she can achieve that and still keep her job.

Dr. Mundun described Lehmberg as alcohol dependent without physilogical dependency. This means she can go days or weeks without drinking and still experience no withdrawal symptoms. At the end of his initial assessment on May 6, he concluded that if Lehmberg completed treatment at inpatient facility and maintained her sobriety, she would have an excellent prognosis.

The doctor also mentioned that Lehmberg hasn't made an attempt at follow up on any kind of treatment with him.

Lehmberg pleaded guilty within days of her arrest, was sentenced to 45 days in jail and took a leave of absence to check into rehab. She then returned to her job.

Her removal is being sought through a petition filed under state law.

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