HOUSTON Earlier this week KHOU 11 News aired a report about a local no-kill animal shelter that is in dire straits. The Humane Society of Brazoria County is out of money and shutting down.

A viewer saw the story and stepped up to pay it forward, to help a neighbor in need.

Randy Hartley is willing and able to share his good fortune with others who deserve a hand. He gave the shelter $2,000 Friday and issued a challenge for the public to give at least another $1000, which he is willing to match.

I love him to death, said Connie Aucoin, the only remaining board member of the Humane Society of Brazoria County.

Hartley donated the money for veterinary care for the shelter dogs that are sick, so they might have a chance at being adopted.

I want to give back, Hartley said. I want to help out the community. I want to do that because it makes me feel really good and it s my time to do it.

Rescue groups for specific breeds have come forward and taken some of the animals into foster care, and will hopefully help find them homes eventually.

Volunteers have shown up at the facility on FM 1128 in Manvel to clean and comfort.

Give them some love, just take them for a walk. Some of the dogs just wanted to sit on someone s lap, said Stacy Hill of Houston Hearts Pug Rescue. She brought her two children to help also.

The ones outside might be very cold at night so we brought a lot of blankets, said her 8-year-old daughter.

A spokeswoman for a rescue group named Triumphant Tails said the group is leading the shut down operation at the shelter. Officials with the group advise against individuals attempting to adopt any of the dogs right now because of concerns about distemper and a lack of rabies shots. They said it is best for the animals to be placed with rescue groups until they have a clean bill of health.

As for Hartley, he has been on KHOU 11 News before. In September, Christopher McGrew, 36, was gunned down in a Subway restaurant. Two teens were charged with the murder. McGrew s family had no money to bury him, so Hartley gave them $5,000.

If you re a fortunate person like I am, he said, you need to go out, step out your boundary box and please donate and help out other people.

To help the Humane Society of Brazoria County, go to:

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