HOUSTON -- James Shaw lives alone in a tidy southwest Houston apartment, and he admits that he is not a perfect man. The 59-year-old says he tries to be a good man and he still dreams of simple things, like not having to hide his mouth.

(I feel) a little depressed because of my smile, Shaw said.

So KHOU made a call to leading implant specialist, Dr. Wayne Brueggen. The highly regarded dentist and his staff got busy right away taking X-rays of Shaw, doing exams and making impressions of Shaw s mouth.

Dr. Brueggen determined Shaw is a good candidate and he decided to give him a full set of teeth. The implant procedure would normally cost $52,000 but because of Dr. Brueggen's incredible gesture of generosity, Shaw's cost will be zero.

James is a special circumstance. You explained to me when you called me what was going on for James and you can't help but want to help him, said Dr. Brueggen, DDS, FAGD, and FICIO.

Clearly, Dr. Brueggen cannot provide free dental implants for everyone, but in the true spirit of Paying it Forward, he said he is glad to help Shaw.

If everything goes as the way I expect, it will all happen for you in one day, Brueggen told Shaw.

I'm very happy, Shaw said.

He returns to Dr. Brueggen soon to get his new teeth and a new lease on life. Stay tuned for part two of the story to see Shaw's before and after appearance.

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