WASHINGTON -- There is new evidence that the Obama administration had plenty of warning over, as a consultant s report released by congressional investigators pinpointed flaws in the health insurance website six months before it went online.

CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett told the CBS This Morning co-hosts that new documents released by congressional investigators show that the White House and the Department of Health and Human services were warned as early as April of this year that the main Federal health care website,, wasin serious trouble and possibly headed for a disastrous Oct. 1 launch.

An outside consulting produced the warning in late-March and it was reviewed by top officials in April. It raised three potential problems: Too much dependency with too many outside contractors; not enough time to full test the website; and a lack of communication between contractors and federal officials.

These were the flaws that helped cripple the websites launch and left hundreds of thousands of consumers on the sidelines. This is likely why the Obama administrationfell 80 percent short of its projectionsfor enrollment in its first month.

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