HOUSTON Firefighters found a 32-year-old woman dead inside an east end home that caught fire overnight. Relatives tried to save her, but could not.

Loved ones said Guadalupe Galvan did not sleep most nights and often wandered off. It is why she moved in with her parents. She always turned up safe until Wednesday morning. Relatives stood in Galvan s room wondering how and why.

Under these conditions, we didn t expect this to happen, said Olga Galvan, one of the victim s seven sisters. We re hurt, heartbroken. I wish this would have never happened.

Just before midnight, Maria Valle s brother and nephew saw flames roaring from the house in the 5300 block of Clay street. They ran to help.

They re the ones who tried to get my parents out, Valle said. Well, they got them out, but they weren t sure my sister was in the house.

So, they went in to search but growing flames would not let them.

They say it was spreading real fast, said Captain Lozano of the Houston Fire Department.

Firefighters blamed strong winds. By the time they got the fire out and searched the Galvan s home, Guadalupe was gone.

Oh, I m very saddened because she was my baby sister, Valle said. It s just very sad. I m going to miss her so much.

The cause of their pain remains under investigation. Firefighters don t know what sparked the fire, however, it s clear the Galvan family lost a lot.

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