HOUSTON -- In Texas, barbecue is an art form, and Houston s own Pitmaker is taking it to the next level. You may have seen the guys from Pitmaker tailgating at the Texans games, at the Rodeo, or even cooking here at KHOU.

Now, they are getting attention from celebrities and fans across the globe.

We are busier than we ever have been as a company, George Shore, one of the founders of the company, told us. Shore uses his computer to design custom pits for celebs and back-yard barbecuers alike. One of their proudest creations includes a neon green mega-trailer for Nascar star Dale Earnhardt, Junior, complete with a 7-foot tall Diet Mountan Dew can.

An arsenal of high-tech tools and any army of workers make it happen. The company has grown from three to 23 employees in five short years, and their customers earn bragging rights at high-stakes competitions.

Their pits are pretty much set it and forget it, i just put my barbecue in there, and I collect my trophies afterward, Justin Margist, a local barbecue competitor boasts.

But behind Pitmaker s trophies and and medals, is a passion to create the biggest and the best. Their latest $150,000 party-on-wheels fits more than two dozen people.

I want it to be amazing, I want it to be impressive, I want it to be texas sized, Victor Howard, one of Pitmaker s founders said.

In addition to size, Howard also hopes to impress barbecue fans with technology. He is putting the finishing touches on a high-tech trailer which will be sent to Las Vegas to be featured in a cable TV series.

It s has to be big bling, Howard explains.

The Vegas trailer boasts three big screens tv s, LED lighting, and a DJ stand. Between the trailers deep-fryers, crawsfish boilers, and smokers onboard, it can make enough grub to feed a football team.

Pitmaker s creations have popped up in Canada, Norway, and even Saudi Arabia, but the guys stay true to their hometown roots by making the barbecue that makes them proud to be Texans.

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