HOUSTON There s a new way to send cash by e-mail. Also, check out the world s first wireless earbuds. This and more in today s Tech Talk...

== Square Cash == is a new competitor to Google Wallet and PayPal. The motto: e-mail money to anyone. In fact, to get started, neither you nor the person you want to send money to have to set up an account. Just send an e-mail to the recipient with the amount of money in the subject line, CC, and both you and the recipient will receive further info on how to exchange funds. Of course Square has mobile apps that make the process easier. As it is, it sounds pretty slick, and its creators say it s very secure.

== Apple confirms Oct. 22 event ==

Apple has confirmed the date for its next product unveiling. On the invite, Apple told the media We still have a lot to cover. The company is expected to show off new Mac computers, a new iPad, and a new iPad Mini.

== Split: The world s only earbuds without any wires ==

Check out the Kickstarter (fundraising) website for an upcoming gadget called Split. Its makers say it s a pair of completely wireless earbuds no more getting them tangled up in your purse. Split is a standalone music player, so it does not link up to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Instead, you upload your music via USB, and the earbuds sync together. There are even slick little controls for volume and track. Because it doesn t use Bluetooth, Split s creators say you re exposed to less radiation. It looks like the price will be about $150, which means if one pops out of your ear while you re jogging and you lose it, it ll be a pricey loss.

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