BAYTOWN, Texas A dog owner is desperate to find her English Bulldog. She says Daisy ran away only to end up with new owners just hours later and now she s blaming her local animal shelter.

Tucker, a Standard Poodle has been missing his pal Daisy since Saturday. Their owners, the Boyles, said there is security video of an unidentified couple bringing both dogs to the Baytown Animal Shelter, but city workers won't let them see it again or make a copy of it.

They have a pretty backyard, home to hummingbirds, all kinds of greenery and a pair of fast friends: Tucker, a poodle, and Daisy, an English bulldog.

But Friday night, the Boyles said some neighbor kids forgot to close the gate while retrieving their ball and out ran Tucker and Daisy.

We drove around within five miles of here till two or three o clock in morning, hollering for them, calling them, Vicky Boyles said.

The next day, her daughter Patty Boyle brought one of these fliers to Baytown's Animal Shelter.

Less than an hour later, the city pound called saying the poodle had just been dropped off, but there was no word of the $1,500 bulldog.

I knew whoever dropped off the poodle had kept my dog, Patty said. Everybody wants that exact type of dog and no one wants to pay for it basically.

Patty called police who helped her pull the shelter's outdoor security camera video showing a couple with two dogs.

They walk up with the poodle and the bulldog so they walk up with Tucker and Daisy, but they turn and go back to the truck with Daisy the bulldog and take Tucker the poodle inside, Patty said.

Patty is angry at the couple, but even angrier at the shelter worker.

She didn't take down their (contact) information. She said she didn't know she was supposed to because she was new and they acted like that made it OK, Patty said. They were pretty rude when it came down to it.

Baytown police said they found no usable information on the video. The license plates weren't visible.

Those were tough words to hear for Patty and her mom.

I just spend all of my time with her, Patty said. She's my dog

She s part of our family, Vicky said. We're very big animal people.

The city isn't releasing that video right now because it wants to review privacy concerns first.

Patty is sure it was Daisy on the tape because of her distinctive markings.

The city said if its employees were wrong or discourteous, it will address the problem.

Neither animal had tags or a microchip. If you have seen Daisy please contact the Baytown Animal Shelter.

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