SAN ANTONIO -- Ruth Ann Comer, 60, was on the radar of SAPD's homicide unit in connection to the murder of man who put her in his will.

SAPD got their chance to arrest Comer on Thursday for criminal solicitation to commit murder.

It was an unexpected twist in an investigation that's nearly two years old.

Comer is accused in two murder-for-hire plots.

An arrest warrant alleges her involvement in the killing of Jerry Collins in January 2012. In addition, police said she also tried to eliminate the woman who may have helped her pull that crime off.

According to the warrant, a witness came clean to police about Comer and a 35-year-old who is a victim and murder suspect.

The arrest document revealed the alleged victim told the witness Comer gave her $10,000 tohave Collins murdered. The witness was also told the name of Collins' killer.

The alleged killer's name is being withheld because the Collins case has not been closed.

Police said Comeris in the willof 68-year-old Collins and reportedly stands to inherita large amount ofmoney from the 68-year-old's estate.

Collins was found murderedin the 800 block of Corrine.

A carnival worker with a connection to the witness claimed he heard Comer, the 35-year-old woman, and that woman's husband discussing the Collins murder in March 2013.

The warrant revealed on another occasion he confronted the 60-year-old suspect who shifted the blame on her female accomplice.

Police said Comer approached the worker with a .32 caliber gun a week later and requested the death of her so-called partner in crime. She allegedly encouraged him to murder the woman's husbandtoo police said.The man reportedly admitted he told Comer he would consider the killing.

When I get my money, anything you want, Comer allegedly said.

The worker said Comer also later approached him to restate her interest in the murder.

You can go ahead and do it any time, she reportedly whispered in his ear.

The worker, instead, told police about the murder-for-hire plot. SAPD set up a surveillance operation at the man's house.

Investigators said they got audio and video recording of Comer giving specific instructions to carry out the murder.

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