FRIENDSWOOD, Texas Two members of a group of suspected car burglars from Florida were arrested in connection with several thefts last week in southeast Harris County, police said.

According to the Friendswood Police Department, a resident saw a suspicious vehicle in a day care center parking lot on at 9:35 a.m. on Wednesday. The witness told police that the vehicle then headed over to the parking lot of a gym.

After running the license plates on the suspicious vehicle, Friendswood police learned that it was part of the Felony Lane gang, a group of transient thieves from Florida.

Authorities say the group targets cars at public parks, gyms and other places where women may not want to take their purses inside. The group specifically goes after driver s licenses, bank cards and check books.

Felony lane refers to the far lane of bank drive-thrus where members try to cash stolen checks, police said.

Friendswood police were not able to track down the suspicious vehicle, but put an alert out to area agencies.

At 12:20 p.m., a Webster police officer saw the suspect vehicle in a gym parking lot just off the Gulf Freeway. The suspects were trying to break into a car in the gym s parking lot.

The Webster police officer pulled over the suspect vehicle and arrested two suspects, police said.

However, in Pearland, several vehicles had already been targeted, police said. Some of the stolen property was located inside the suspect vehicle at the time of the stop.

A Friendswood resident was one of the victims who had her vehicle burglarized at the 24 Hour Fitness in Pearland.

The Plano Police Department and FBI jointly arrested 16 members of the Felony Lane gang in July, police said. While the gang is from Florida, it has been blamed for car burglaries in Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Indiana and other states.

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