AUSTIN, Texas -- Standing before a packed crowd inside a downtown Austin Omni Hotel ballroom, and surrounded by 200 law enforcement officers, F.B.I. Agent Jeff Bell talks about a high profile serial killer who Bell believes has victims in Texas.

Anybody who saw him anywhere in Texas we'd be interested in talking with them, said F.B.I. Agent Jeff Bell.

During jail interviews, Israel Keyes admits to at least 11 murders. Keyes is from Alaska and committed crimes all over the U.S. However, agents believe he could be responsible for more murder victims in Texas. Keyes went missing from around February 12, 2012 through February 17, 2012.

He told us in interviews he made his cell phone go dead, took the battery out so he couldn't be tracked when he was out being bad, said Agent Bell.

Keyes told investigators he rented a 2012 Kia Soul and drove through Dallas, Cleburne, Dinosaur Valley and Glenrose. He admits he was stuck in the mud near Dinosaur Valley.

Agent Bell describes him as a, Strange, calculated guy. He went on to say In the beginning [he] enjoyed talking about the crimes he committed.

Bell believes someone may have helped Keyes get out of the mud and back on the road.

Eight other victims that we don't know who they are, their family thinks that person is missing and potentially still alive. We'd like to bring closure to those families, said Agent Bell.

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If you have any information call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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