HOUSTON -- Friday's storms opened up a dangerous surprise for a couple in northeast Houston. A tree came down in their backyard and out came 10,000 bees.

Dorothy Parker's parents had no choice but to hide indoors.

If they disturb them they won't be able to get out the way, Parker said. An 85-year-old and an 84-year-old -- they don't move that fast, Parker said.

Enora and Ferguson Tucker have been watching from a distance ever since they heard the buzzing.

I thought they were flies and they were bees, Enora said.

Michael Sexton with the Pest Guru came to help the family with the bees.

It's almost like somebody going by with a sledgehammer and just tearing your house open, Sexton said.

He suspects the bees had been living inside this tree for up to five years.

Fifty pounds of honeycomb was removed from the dead tree.

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