ORCHARD, Texas -- Three women from the same extended family are dead after fire completely destroys a home in Orchard.

Church members said Dorothy Carrington, Goldie Wells, and Joyce Carrington are those killed.

All three of their bodies have been recovered by investigators who have yet to determine a cause for the blaze.

In times of unspeakable loss, the faithful come together.

For the church family at Pilgrim Founder Baptist Church in Richmond the loss is almost too much.

It is going to be a tough road. All three members who were consumed in the fire are longtime members here at the church, said Pastor Robert Simpson.

Dorothy Carrington, 80, and Goldie Wells, 90, both were confined to wheelchairs.

Joyce Carrington, 55, was caring for the women, and church members said she helped others get out of the house.

She actually went back in to get her mother and her aunt and that is when she never came out as well, Simpson said.

A 5, 10 and 17-year-old boy were able to escape.

All three have talked with investigators and none of them are physically injured.

It took more than seven hours to find all of the victims remains in the house. The damage from the fire and fighting it made it tough going.

Not that we expect any criminal charges or anything of that nature we just have to investigate what happened. The fire marshall is out here. Every single fire marshall we have is out here, said Ft. Bend County Sheriff s Office spokesman Bob Haenel.

The house at 9907 Johnson Road in Orchard has a history.

In 2005, one of its residents, 12-year-old Teketria Buggs, was murdered somewhere in the house or nearby by her stepfather Steven Carrington.

He is in prison.

His mother is one of the victims of the fire.

To be back out there today, that family has been through so much, Simpson said. It just made it really, really hard to understand.

A house with a tragic history now surrounded by more death.

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