HOUSTON When you walk into Full Time Hair Studio on Richmond in southwest Houston, the George Zimmerman trial is blaring.

He s the neighborhood watch volunteer on trial in Florida for shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

I ve been glued to the news stations, to the trial daily, said Nick Howard, II, known as the Barber to the Stars.

But the trial is the star these days when clients sit in his chair.

I haven t watched a trial fully like this since the O.J. trial, he said. I m hooked on watching it.  I will be watching it till the verdict is made.

He s not alone. Many Houstonians have followed the case and some believe the verdict will reverberate across the land.

I mean, it doesn t affect my life too much directly but, I mean, I care, said Andrew Say, who hasn t seen much of the trial. I mean, it s a big choice and it ll change a lot of things, I think, as far as neighborhood watches go.

Not everyone is fascinated by it.

I could take it or leave it, yeah, not really, not really watching it every day, said Kathy Garza.

One of the barbers at Full Time Hair Studio will be glad when it s over because he misses hearing the good music they usually play.

As for Nick Howard, he said it will be music to his ears if Zimmerman is at least found guilty of manslaughter.

I m just hoping for the better for Trayvon s family and for other teenagers out there who may have been racially profiled also, he said.

Prosecutors presented their closing arguments Thursday. Defense attorneys will take their turn Friday.

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