HOUSTON --- A judge denied bond Wednesday for The Crosby car dealer who calls himself the Finnisher.

Rik Melartin, who is now facingmultiple charges of sexual assault of a minor, was in court Wednesday.

The judge denied Melartin bond and ordered him back to jail where, according to his attorney, he s being kept in the wrong unit.

Since his arrest on Friday he s been kept in isolation in the mental ward, don t know why. Apparently there was a snafu in the request, but the prosecutor assured me today that he is, as we speak, in the process of rectifying that situation, said Defense Attorney Jim Butler.

Melartin is a former Olympian from Finland. He made headlines last year when he pulled a gun on a robber in Bellaire. He later incorporated the name The Finnisher into his car ads for John Keating Chevrolet.

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