HARRIS COUNTY, Texas An Army veteran died Tuesday after he was shot during a fight outside a bar along Highway 249, deputies said.

The shooting was reported at about 2 a.m. near Highway 249 and the Beltway. Deputies said the bar had just closed, and there was a fight followed by four to six gunshots.

According to the victim s uncle, Dominique Johnson wasn t fighting with anyone, but he laughed when a security guard punched someone and threw them out of the sports bar. According to the uncle, that s when the victim was shot in the back.

Johnson s friends loaded him into their car and drove him the short distance to the house he lived in with his mother in the 5800 block of Wickover Lane.

I seen blood on the front of his shirt, recalled Andrenique Daniels, a long-time family friend and neighbor.

Daniels dialed 911 and passed the phone to the young man s mother.

She took this phone, and she was on the phone with the people while Dominique was in her arms, Daniels said, And she tried to do CPR on him.

Johnson died in his mother s arms. Some people questioned why his friends didn t take him straight to a hospital.

Some people panic in situations and some people just ain t built to think in those type of situations, said Tristan Johnson, the victim s brother.

Johnson left the military about a year ago. Daniels said he was looking for a job and was supposed to go to an interview on the morning of his death. His brother said too many veterans are ending up dead on the home front.

They dying in these streets from DUIs, driving drunk or a drunk person killing them, or simple stuff, pointless stuff like this situation, Johnson s brother said. Somebody getting shot for no reason, so it s really our own country we re at war with.

Authorities are still searching for the person who shot Johnson.

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