HUMBLE Parents at a local charter school say a teacher crossed the line, and they say there is video to prove it.

KHOU was told that the video was taken by a student in a classroom at Northwest Preparatory Academy.

It shows a boy visibly distraught as he is being scolded by a man. According to parents, that man is a teacher who they trust with their kids on a daily basis.

Wow, that s all I can say. Wow, oh my goodness, that s horrible, said parent Jazmin Crowley, after seeing the video. I don t think any child deserves to be done like that. I don t care what the circumstances are.

The video shows the encounter between the adult and child quickly turning from verbal to physical. The boy appears to be begging for it to stop, but the teacher keeps at it.

The video ends with the man on top of the boy and a portion of the boy s bottom exposed to the classroom.

That s wrong. That s not right at all, said parent Calvin Gardner. I m hoping they launch a full investigation.

KHOU went inside Northwest Prep to show the video to administrators. One administrator said he was shocked by the footage and called it unacceptable.

Administrators said they would contact the superintendent right away. KHOU still hasn t heard back for official comment.

However, while KHOU was showing the video to a parent, one administrator came outside and intervened.

The woman, who identified herself as the Director of Development and Public Relations, asked that the video not be shown to parents.

She walked away when asked whether parents had a right to know.

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