HOUSTON Rising waters lead to mounting frustration and fear in a southeast Houston neighborhood where residents complained the city wasn t doing enough.

I pay taxes and I pay the drainage fee, said Diana Benetes. That s why I m so angry.

Benetes lives in the Southpark neighborhood along Southridge Street near Mykawa Road.

She and her neighbors said every time it rains hard, the water collects on the road and comes close to their houses.

We can t move anywhere, said Joe Brown. I couldn t even go to work today.

Crews from Houston s Department of Public Works responded to the area with a pump truck. It took them several hours to pump the water from several neighborhood streets.

Officials blamed the problem on an old concrete storm drain that needed to be replaced. They conceded the water pump was just a temporary fix.

As a homeowner living in the very same neighborhood, I have some of the same frustrations, said Public Works manager Braxton Coles.

But with more rain forecast for over the weekend, some residents remained on edge.

We won t sleep tonight, one woman said. More rain is not good.

Crews from Public Works were expected to remain in the area all night long, just in case.

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