ROSENBERG, Texas - The kind of violent holdup merchants hope never happens to them - where a bad guy aims a gun at your head and demands money. At a discount shoe store in Rosenberg, it has already happened twice.

Anytime a person walks into a business and is brazen enough to point a weapon and take someone s money, that s concerning to anybody who might be in our area, Rosenberg Assistant Police Chief Dallis Warren said.

Police said the robbery here over the weekend was preceded by another in January, which was also caught on surveillance video. The suspect donned in a hooded sweat shirt, threatens to shoot the clerk if she doesn t give him the cash from the register.

And they weren t the only business hit that month. A hooded gunman also robbed a Radio Shack located just a few blocks from the discount shoe store.

The crime spree has other nearby businesses taking added precautions. Councilors at a substance abuse clinic two doors down from the shoe store are considering arming themselves.

If he approaches me and I ve got some way to take him down, I m going to do that. I m not going to call the cops. I m going to take him down, Ray Jay, a councilor, said.

Authorities still don t know the identity of the man behind the mask. Investigators believe it could be the same person striking over and over again.

We re on top of this. We re trying to work this case as quickly as we can, Warren said.

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