HOUSTON A motorcyclist is lucky to be alive Monday after an elderly driver going to the wrong way slammed into him on the Southwest Freeway HOV lane.

Metro police said 86-year-old Gerald Peterson somehow managed to go the wrong way on the HOV lane and struck Peter Trevor Quentin, 57, who was riding his motorcycle.

According to Houston TranStar, the crash happened shortly after 8 a.m. near Hillcroft Avenue.

Police said one driver swerved to avoid hitting Peterson, but Quentin could not react fast enough to miss him.

Well it was kind of weird, you see a guy just kind of zooming along on the HOV, but everyone else in front of him was in the right side, so they just moved over. He went over, but the motorcyclist wasn t able to see it in time, Hermin Gin, who served to miss Peterson, said.

Metro police said Peterson must have been confused at the Hilcroft Transit Center and somehow got on the wrong way.

No, I don t want to talk to you, I m sorry, Peterson said when asked if he could explain what happened.

However, he had to talk to Metro officers. They drove him back to the transit center, and tried to get him to show exactly them how he got mixed up.

The HOV lane was closed for more than an hour right in the middle of rush hour traffic. Drivers said they don t understand how someone could make that mistake, and get on going in the wrong direction.

Yeah, I don t know how they went around the barricades, but somehow they got on the HOV, Frank Chapirro, a witness, said. It s extremely bad; I do not understand how a person can come in the opposite direction, here.

Making things worse, Metro police said Quentin was not wearing a helmet. Fortunately, he is now in fair condition at a local hospital. Nobody else was hurt.

The HOV lane was finally reopened around 10:50 a.m., according to TranStar.

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