SAN ANTONIO -- Hours after two bombs erupted at the Boston Marathon finish line, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said his department is more than ready to respond should a similar attack occur in San Antonio.

With the city's Fiesta celebration right around the corner, those types of fears are prevalent.

Hood said he s expecting 300,000 people to attend the Oyster Bake, The Battle of Flowers parade and NIOSA - and that's just a rough estimate.

San Antonio firefighters are prepped with mobile command units capable of keeping tabs with police communications and other agencies. They also have massive mobile ambulances that can treat many people at one time.

The city's Public Safety Team also issued a statement to reassure San Antonians before Fiesta gets into full swing:

Our local events are always heavily manned from our Public Safety Team of the San Antonio Police and Fire Departments. Our emergency personnel are well-trained in emergency preparedness and work closely with all local, state and federal agencies in the event of an emergency.

Still, as sophisticated as it all seems, Hood said the success of first responders hinges on civilians.

It's kind of like after 9/11, everyone had that fear of going out, Hood said. But we want people to feel comfortable in the capabilities of the city, and we want people to come out and enjoy Fiesta, but we want them to be very vigilant and make sure that if there is something that is suspicious, that they report it right away.

Additionally, Hood said there is help coming from the federal government in regards to putting the right resources in the right places.

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