HOUSTON The young man accused of stabbing 14 of his classmates at Lone Star College Cy-Fair waived his right to a probable cause hearing Thursday and was a no show in court.

But the attorney for Dylan Quick had plenty to say on the 20-year-old s behalf.

The young man is concerned about what happened a couple of days ago, said attorney Jules Laird, describing a recent conversation he had had with his client.

He s concerned about what s going to happen to him in the future. He s still a young man, Laird said.

Laird said Quick was still processing what had happened and appeared to have difficulty understanding the gravity of the accusations against him.

He was able to talk to me, but he is also telling me things that (need to be) evaluated, he said.

Laird planned to have doctors perform a mental evaluation of Quick, who is partially deaf and spent most of his life being homeschooled by his mother.

Quickvanished in 2011 and was the target of a franticsearch. Frank Black with Eqqusearch saidQuick sent a text to his parents that said: If I continue to live at your house, I would probably commit suicide. Hewaslater found unharmed on the Lone Star campus.

He s spent most of his life in a world where he doesn t hear people unless they are specifically talking to him.So he is obviously not able to communicate like you and I can, Laird said.

Prosecutors have charged Quick with three counts of aggravated assault, but insisted all of the victims would be heard from in court.

If convicted, Quick could face two to 20 years behind bars.

Harris County Sheriff s investigators have said Quick has confessed to the crime and admitted to fantasizing about stabbing people.

But Laird insisted there was more to the story.

They ve got a statement from him, but that s not the whole story. There are other things that he has not told them. There are other things that I need to find out about. And then we will provide the whole story to the public so that they can understand what happened, he said.

Quick isbeing held without bond and remains on suicide watch at the Harris County Jail.

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