HOUSTON - In a parking lot across the street from a popular Houston museum, drivers said they are being ripped off for more than a $100.

The drivers said they pulled into the parking lot at the corner of Binz and Caroline. When the cars owners came back, they found boots on their cars and were not able to move them.

A person who runs the lot tells us the drivers parked without paying. The drivers tell us someone either gave them an unused ticket or sold one to them at a reduced price. They thought everything was fine until they came back to their car.

A scam - it s gotta be a scam, because just two weeks ago a friend told me she got booted over here too buying a ticket from people and she had to pay $118, Gwen Isles, a driver, said.

A representative with the company that runs the parking lot said that everything is legit.

They always think it s a scam, but it s not a scam. Everything is legit. We have paperwork. We have permits. We have this. We have that, Alexander Olivarez, an agent with Parking Matrix, said.

The company that runs the lot said they have been having a big problem with people trying to park without paying. The company said the lots are clearly marked explaining how to pay.

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