AUSTIN, Texas-- Jim Miles and his wife were excited to spend an afternoon visiting Hamilton Pool, 23miles south ofAustin,as part of a trip to celebrate their anniversary.

It was beautiful when we got up there, and then it started to rain, Miles told KVUE.

As the rain picked up, so did the water rushing down around them.

The next thing you know, it was a raging waterfall, Miles said.

The Miles decided it would be best to wait it out, not realizing the danger was only increasing with every passing second.

It got worse. It was a flash flood, and it got very dangerous, he said.

In the video taken by Miles, you can see the pool's sign visible just moments before, go underwater. As the waterfall built up momentum it began tearing the pool's rim apart.

Boulders were coming over the side of the cliff, Miles said.

Just when Miles began to think the worst, a Travis County Park Ranger came to rescue them.

We were probably in a life or death situation, he said. We looked up and there was orange coat on the other side of the waterfall.

He credits the ranger, Sally, for saving their lives.

She risked her life. She ran under there to get us out, and told us to just follow her and get out of here, and it was very scary, he said.

Miles said this is a trip and anniversary they ll never forget.

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