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HOUSTON An alert neighbor helped police nab a suspect who allegedly broke into the Houston home of embattled hand surgeon Michael Brown.

Brown was sent to the Harris County Jail last Friday for violating court orders related to his messy divorce from fourth wife Rachel Brown.

That same day, a woman noticed a suspicious man lurking around Brown s home on Buckingham in west Houston. She flagged down a police officer.

The officer said he caught 23-year-old Nathan Seward trying to break a front window. Kaylabeth Ronnenkamp was waiting in the getaway vehicle in front of the house, according to police.

Both were arrested and charged with trespassing.

Brown is serving a 180-day sentence for defying a judge s order to avoid spending money needlessly during his bitter divorce.

Brown spent $6 million on a Miami Beach high-rise and was planning to buy another property there for more than $4 million, according to court documents. He also rented a Miami Beach apartment for $14,000 a month from June through September of 2012. Brown bought $111,000 worth of jewelry from Cartier in New York City and $39,000 worth from Cartier in Houston.

In a separate case, Brown is accused of choking a flight attendant on a flight from London to Miami in January.

Brown lost his medical license in 2006, after testing positive for cocaine

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